Installing the app


Go to and scroll down to the relevant operating system for your device(s).

You will see a list of options to download the ByteBlower endpoint app. These are either from an app store or direct downloads. 

App Store Downloads
  • If you are using a mobile Android device → Click on 'Google Play'   → Click 'Install'          
  • If you are using a mobile IOS device → Click on the 'App Store'     → Click 'Install'
Direct Downloads
  • If you are using a Windows PC or a Mac → Click on     
  • If you are using Linux → Follow the appropriate instructions in the Linux section (either Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora)

Connect the App with the ByteBlower GUI

Once you have successfully downloaded the ByteBlower endpoint app, you will see the meeting point software (see below). 

Here you have two choices:

  1. Enter the IPv4 address of your ByteBlower server.
  2. Enter the name of your server if it has a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).                       

A laptop with Windows 10 is the device under test (DUT) in this demonstration.