Running big scenarios


Since version 2.18, the ByteBlower GUI contains some new features that make it easier to run big test scenarios.
Such tests are often called "stability tests", "stab tests" or "endurance tests".
You may have gotten here after clicking on a help button in the GUI.

Below, we provide multiple new features that allow running large scenarios. 

Export real-time results
Real-time metrics are now exported by the GUI so they can be processed externally.
In another article 📄 Real-time graphs - Prometheus and Grafana we explain how to use the exported metrics: Getting started with Prometheus.

Don't store results over time

For big scenarios with more than 100 flows, the GUI will no longer store the results over time. The reports will no longer contain graphs.
These scenarios will be marked with an exclamation mark:

In the Solution tab, you can see why:

Double-clicking on the warning will open this help page.

If you run a big scenario, the following warning will pop up:

Clicking on the Help button opens this page. 

What was the problem?

We added these features because we experienced that the machine running the ByteBlower GUI was sometimes not capable of storing all real-time results quickly enough.
While running a long test with lots of flows, the GUI became less responsive and some results could get lost.